Forget about routine and concentrate on primary targets of your business. Our well-trained, warm, friendly and helpful staff knows how to meet your customers’ needs and expectations, make them satisfied and promote your products and services. We are here to assist your customers and to find you optimal propositions for your acquisitions. Least but not last, we know how to increase your sales. Just make a request, mention suitable format of a work, and enjoy the results. Any time of the day, every day of the year.

We speak one language with the entire world. People use the same words, but mean different things. We understand and find arguments for everyone and we can make your brand well-known. We are experts in reputation-making. At the same time, working attentively, we prevent such problems as broken processes, costly inaccuracy, missed opportunities in sales and many others.

Accurately prepared documents will save your time and resources. Paper “blackwork” takes a lot of patience and time which you can spend more effectively. We love it and we know how to deal with frequent data-input errors, so you can rely on us and proceed with other worries.

Use only update information in an easy-to-use form. Be sure that every word is based on proven facts and decisions. And all of them are the newest. We make high-quality researches for successful strategies.


Reach your targets and hold prime role with effective management. Be among leaders, saving funds and involving more and more clients. We are available to keep the level of your service while the number of your customers increases.

Keep your clients, providing them high-level service. Prevent negative results, granting prompt replies and personal care for everyone who needs it. Be flexible, using our facilities. Stay near everyone, who uses your products and services.

Strengthen relations with current clients and get new ones. Involving customers is great, but holding existing ones is even better. No more missed up/cross-sell opportunities! We have enough experience for both and we are ready to help you.

Stay in touch with people who think and act like you. Public opinion leaders and companies with names are always desired to be served. We help you to work with big players as well as starting business-ideas that are ready to make world surprised.


Be available for each and everyone. Let people communicate in a way and time that will be convenient for them. Make them feel significant, and you’ll have devoted customers for years, increasing sales. From product and service support to birthday greetings.

Use outsourcing facilities to serve customers’ needs and solve problems in a wink. We can offer the best customer care strategies, looking back on our rich experience. If you have complications, you find that the communications processes with your customers are broken or you are facing low first-call resolution rates, we can develop step-by-step programs for positive and easy situation solution in the shortest terms.

Absolute patience and attention to your customers and funds. We offer consistent lead of customers through the billing process, correction of their mistakes, clarification of misunderstandings, repayment procedure support by controlling funds movement, correctness of data checking, customer’s consultancy about payments and terms of reimbursement as well as other options that are needed to be done to save every possible cent.

Comfortable account management for both – you and your clients. Help with payments, orders, FAQ, tracking and other issues of a kind. Watching over rules and policies violations, adjustments credibility determination and creating reports about them.


Securing your business from cheaters and judging claims. Checking warranties and agreements validity, organization and control of returning process, work with ‘problematic’ clients and companies. We can easily organize and optimize entire returning-checking process for your comfort.

We follow the principle of Client’s voice understanding, polite and prompt reply for customers’ needs. General briefing and explaining of usage terms and conditions. We know how to manage any dissatisfaction and leave clients pleased. We save company’s face and reputation, professionally handling customer’s opinion and saving him/her for future.

Keep your clients informed about new opportunities as well as coming changes using outsourcing facilities. We guarantee personal attention to every customer who uses your services and buys your products. In the most effective way and in time.

Stay informed and be among the leaders having top-class reports, analytics, and the first-hand information. Predict every step of competitors and stay in trend using actual data provided by our specialists. Those who have information rule the world.


Forget about troubles with data storage and operating as we always keep databases good-looking and well-structured. Permanent renovation of contents and cleanout of outdated information will free your hands.

Be assured that your products and services are represented in the best way by a team of professionals and your brand recognition is growing. We highly recognize that devil is in the details and do our work very attentively, without splitting tasks on main and secondary. If customer or partner has any problems, we are at hand to help.

Actual and addictive information only. We know how to catch attention and keep customers interested for a long time. And we don’t let client has a tedious time, responding as fast as it is technically possible in numerous ways: phone, chat, social networks or email.

Be best remembered by your customers! Use our services to keep Clients in touch with your business and your products. Be interested in customers and they will remember about you. Have problems with contacting so many people? We can help!


Sorting requests and optimising sales processes to save your time and resources. High-quality operational system used by our team transforms process of acquisition and sales into inimitable satisfaction. Wish to try? Become our partner!

Make your offers catching. We provide a full package of methods which will make your goods and services well-recognized and desirable. Our staff will care about your name and your offers as they are our own.

Be two steps ahead, predicting competitors’ decisions and preventing them from holding your position on market. We can also fix existing problems and make research on customers’ tastes and preferences that are provided by the other market players.

We control soundness of requests and quality of service. We keep an eye on queue, hold discipline and look after works execution. We turn customer dissatisfaction into the pleasure of the services provided.


Filing data into specially developed forms and orders tracking. We can detect even the smallest delay and fix it with ease. Using all our experience, we make order process simple, fast and interesting for your clients.

Operate with only effective and well-organized staffs that are familiar with peculiarities of various countries and regions. We are able to provide services 24/7 for every corner of the Earth from the North Pole to Antarctic. And we know how to reduce costs without lose of effectiveness.

Be able to control every word that is told by your operators and managers. We are proud to say that we work openly and none of our partners remained dissatisfied with results of mutual cooperation.

Make controlling cuts of your business to see if it works properly. Study competitor’s methods and use a full variety of facilities that are given by mystery shopping. Just specify your tasks and we will make it.


Feel free using impartial analysis of competitors’ achievements and mistakes. Build your market strategy, basing it on others’ fails and preventing yourself from collapse. Stay informed, stay among first using our analytic packages.

Correct mistakes receiving truthful independent feedback from your customers. We provide as basic materials, so full of sense, but not complicated reviews. From single question till full range of statements and issues, collected through customer feedback technologies and processes, call recording, sentiment monitoring and analytics.

Train you own personal with our experienced coaches. We have developed and implemented numerous successful programs which will help you to increase sales and improve customer service. Post-training supervision is offered as well.

Study reports in a convenient readable form. You may provide your own model or use some of ours. Either way, you can be sure about having high-quality permanent reports for reasonable prices.


Bulgcom is an excellent choice for those, who wish to invest their financial and human resources in the right company and in the same time, benefit from the experience and enthusiasm on affordable cost.