Bulgcom offers well-known services with unique approach to each Client and situation. We know how to find new opportunities in every challenge. Save your time and funds, stay in touch with Clients, use highly organized databases, get actual feedback and operate your business with ease, letting us help you. We are familiar with most sophisticated CRM and quality assurance technologies, customer sentiment monitoring, business improvement processes, cloud and hosting services, analytical reports and numerous others that can be useful for you and your business.

We understand ways of business leading and budget forming, so we propose only deep analytics, high level of work quality and balanced packages for your inner investments.

credit_cardsFinancial Services

Companies that work in financial sector will be pleased with our offers. For banks, we can inform Clients and check their credibility, promote products and services, implement customer retention programs and much more. For capital markets we qualify data, lead generation, and work with databases making them optimised. Other services can be provided upon request.

deliveryLogistics and Distribution

Forget about dozens of calls and busy status during entire day. We are ready to receive orders, fill forms, track cargo moving, control storehouse filling and delivery time. We keep Clients informed about the results and changes that take place.

videoMedia & Entertainment

World has to know about your products and services. We propose you strategic planning, market positioning, advertising support, direct sales, and market analytics options. Help for Clients and partners, is an option as well.

email_sendPosts & Publishing

Bulgcom may develop and bring into life special strategy which will allow you meet Clients via electronic and printed media. From various places and regarding different issue, but all with name of your company, product or service.

user_group1Public Service & Government

Serve citizens with ease, stay informed about problems and changes in your area. Or use our facilities to communicate with your voters. We can perform the same, but make it cheaper what will help you to reduce maintenance costs and care about your village city or country.

shopping_trolley1Retail (e-commerce)

E-commerce is the modern way to do business with your customers. We develop your business increasing sales with minimum costs and time! We can promote your products and services 24 hours a day worldwide. High effectiveness is proved by our positive experience.


Telecom is one of the most challenged industries in terms of competition, technological enhancement, marketing and last but not least customer retention. That is why we are following closely the latest trends and we are ready to meet any demand from the Industry.


Travel, insurance, judicial, trade companies that are connected to people, moving around the world, need channel diversity, universal agents and first call resolution that are provided by Bulgcom. Insurance policies, hotel and transport tickets reservation, emergency consulting, judicial help and various others aspects of travels can be ensured for your Clients.


Many projects in our world need a team of enthusiastic widely educated and creative people. Bulgcom is a one which helps you to save time finding crew of like-minded personalities which see no problems in their life, just questions that are needed to be answered.