Learn how to improve communication with your customers, promote your products and services. Make your business highly effective and profitable with our ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs. Let us help you to choose the most suitable platform for your call centre or customer care department.

Contact Center Trainings and Coaching
  • Effective recruitment and training of your agents
    You have recruited talented people, but too shy to talk with customers? We turn oysters into chatterboxes with a high morale in the shortest time. Correct speech, effective service, constructive dialogs with customers, time-saving tips and some know-how’s are all proposed.
  • Establishment of processes and follow-up
    Slice organizational structures along with faulted inner communicational process are the most common challenges in the procedure of gaining leadership. And teaching your staff and developing contact-centre is only halfway. Main problems appear during first months of work. Practice makes perfect, but we are at hand to help you handling new challenges and correcting mistakes in case of need.
Customer Retention Program
Businesses that wish to grow should think about their strategies and methods regarding to existing results. They have to clarify which channels of communication with Clients remain actual and can be used.
We will train you to keep Clients nearby and how to exceed customers’ expectations. You will be able to avoid attrition, establish permanent sales to existing clients, build well-functioning communicative system, and become a friend rather than usual seller. At the same time, we know how to manage critical situation and can teach you.
Contact Center Certification
While communicating with Client, you’ll need some arguments to prove your professional skills. Internationally recognized certificates are quite good basement in this situation. We may give consultations about the way of their reception, support documents and processes required by standard-revising centres.
  • ISO9001 Worldwide accepted format and quality criteria fulfilment will make you respected and well-known among market players and Clients. As we are professionals, we do not give advices; we provide results to your company and to your customers.
  • EN 15838 — customer contact centre quality Become a member of powerful group of call-centres and customer care companies based in Europe. We may lead you from the very first step to the moment of acknowledgement sharing responsibility.
Contact Center Analytics
Successful work is the one analysed. We offer detailed research with cuts on main parameters that will show objective results of you company – real achievements, strong and weak sides, urgent changes needed, workers’ progress. We make not only analysis of existing situation, but also give recommendation which can improve customer relationship management process.