About Us

Miroslav Mihaylov

Miroslav Mihaylov

Managing director

Bulgcom is an excellent choice for those, who wish to invest their financial and human resources in the right company and in the same time, benefit from the experience and enthusiasm on affordable cost. We are an outsourcing company that offers a wide range of opportunities, including, but not limited to contact centre management and services.

Our main focus is on building strong relationships with you and your clients and customers, supporting you and them 24/7 all year round, via the most suitable channel, according to yours or customers’ preferences.

Forget about problems with cross-cultural communication, as our highly educated multilingual agents can satisfy needs of clients from entire planet. We not only speak one language, but also keep in mind traditions and mentality of different regions.

Bulgcom, being an experienced company, offers developed customer service infrastructure with a full-scale outsourcing solutions. Sometimes we are called wizards as Clients usually leave communication with us with a mild pleased smile on their faces. We fully understand that our agents are Clients’ employees and that our prime task is to increase customers’ interest and loyalty towards your services or products.

We react promptly and do our best to identify problem, work out possible solutions and choose optimal, recommending it to Client.

Time to go East? Why Bulgaria…

Being a member of European Union and NATO, Bulgaria reached its era of stability and development and is one of the leaders among EU Member-States by economy restoration after 2008 economical breakdown.

Considering its strategic location between the East and the West and having high level of culture and long historical traditions, cheap and very well-educated labour force, speaking at least one foreign language, huge service sector in economics, Bulgaria occupies significant position in the region. The low tax rate, optimal demographic structure, comfortable location, stability guaranteed by participation in the abovementioned international organizations are all small keys to great success. So far, it is not surprising that the country became one of leaders in IT-serving sphere worldwide and therefore in 2011 the country was ranked in TOP 20 of A.T. Kearney’s 2011 Global Services Location Index study.