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For us it does not depend if you wish to buy or sale something as we are professionals in both. We can predict every wish of your Clients and take care about it. Let us help you with technical support and call-centre optimization while you develop new projects and products. We offer services and consulting that are requested in many industries of modern economics.

We speak one language with the entire world. People use the same words, but mean different things. We understand and find arguments for everyone and we can make your brand well-known.

Increasing Customer Loyalty trough customer care excellence is one of the major priorities of every business model! Let every client of yours be heard. Be aware that acquiring new customers is 6 times more costly than retaining one.

Be assured that your products and services are represented in the best way by a team of professionals and your brand recognition is growing. We highly recognize that devil is in the details and do our work very attentively, without splitting tasks on main and secondary.

Outsourcing solutions

We call outsourcing a solution, not only because it is cost-friendly, but it also helps you build new relationship and expand new markets. We are well aware that human resources are a key factor for the success of your company that is why we invest in our people and we train them in such way that they feel like your employees.

Contact Center Trainings and Coaching

Train you own personal with our experienced coaches. We have developed and implemented numerous successful programs which will help you to increase sales and improve customer service. Post-training supervision is offered as well.

Contact Center Analytics

Operate with only effective and well-organized staffs that are familiar with peculiarities of various countries and regions. We are able to provide services 24/7 for every corner of the Earth from the North Pole to Antarctic. And we know how to reduce costs without lose of effectiveness.


We cover numerous outsourcing needs of companies which work in financial sector, logistic and transportation, entertainment, mass media, public service, travel and many others. We know how to put things together without mixing them.


Travel, insurance, judicial, trade companies that are connected to people, moving around the world, need channel diversity, universal agents and first call resolution that are provided by Bulgcom. 


E-commerce is the modern way to do business with your customers. We develop your business increasing sales with minimum costs and time! We can promote your products and services 24 hours a day worldwide. High effectiveness is proved by our positive experience.

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Bulgcom is an excellent choice for those, who wish to invest their financial and human resources in the right company and in the same time, benefit from the experience and enthusiasm on affordable cost.